Bacon & Hughes wishes to commend all Canadian athletes who represented Canada in Rio and to congratulate all the medal winners.

Good luck to all our Paralympians competing September 7-18, 2016 in Rio!

If your classroom is still buzzing about the Olympics take a look at the following title which may help to inspire future Olympians!

Projects Inspired by the Olympics

"This is a must-buy book for any school wishing to celebrate and generate enthusiasm for the Olympics.  The creative cross-curricular ideas will enhance teaching and learning".

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Value packs of ten Teachers’ Pocketbooks for the committed teacher or school leader to help enhance the teaching and learning environment.

Each book contains useful information and teaching tips while remaining simple and practical to use.

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Collins Canadian Student Atlas (2nd Edition)

This new edition of the Collins Canadian Student Atlas (Published May 2015) is suitable for intermediate/senior students, perfectly designed to support and motivate students in geographical and mapping skills.

The atlas includes 45 pages of fully up-to-date reference maps, 20 pages of historical maps and commentary, 56 pages of thematic mapping and graphics, introductions and commentary from Canadian luminaries, more than 275 photos and 15 digitally enhanced satellite images, as well as 156 pages of commentary, maps and photographs dedicated to each province and territory.

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New Title (Teachers' Pocketbook Series)


Discalculia is a learning difficulty that affects a person's mathematical ability. It is estimated that around 6% of the population have dyscalculia.

This pocketbook offers a "how to guide, throughout which cartoons, diagrams and visual prompts support the text".

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Build & Grow

The Build & Grow series is an English learning system that progressively improves young students' English ability, starting from grasping the fundamental elements of English to developing basic study and critical thinking skills in English.

The program is divided into 5 areas: Phonics, Grammar, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing.

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Author - Hannah Beach

The I Can Dance series has been listed/authorized in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Manitoba for use in the elementary classrooms.

This series explores inclusive interpretive dance in six imaginative and engaging titles (The Zoo, Outdoors, Textures, My Feelings, My Dinner, Colours). They link literacy, imagination and dance, illustrating to children that dance is for people of all abilities and that dance is about more than just steps. It is also about communicating, exploring, and reflecting on our world through an artistic medium.

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Webinars Pocketbook /eSolution_config/user_images/9781906610807.jpg

The Management Pocketbook Series comprises more than 90 titles in the areas of training, personal development, management, creativity, customer care, sales & marketing and finance. The newest title to be added to the collection is the Webinars Pocketbook.

Engaging your audience and holding their attention is the principal focus of the Webinars Pocketbook. It will show you how to design, set-up and deliver internet-based meetings, presentation and training workshops that harness technology for maximum impact and effectiveness.

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