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Nutrition A Health Promotion Approach

ISBN: 9780340938829
Author: Webb, Geoffrey P.
Publisher: Hodder Education
Series: Comp Therapies
Cover: Paperback

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The third edition of this highly regarded introductory textbook continues to cover all aspects of nutrition, including nutritional epidemiology, social aspects of nutrition, the science of food as a source of energy and essential nutrients, and the microbiological safety of food and food processing. Its focus is on nutrition in industrialized nations where nutritional deficiencies in the traditional sense are less of an issue, but the roles of diet in causing or preventing chronic disease and maintaining good 'life-long' health and well-being are gaining ever-increasing attention.

The importance of good health promotion is therefore a guiding principle throughout the book, supported by a section devoted to health promotion theory.

Nutrition - a health promotion approach is the book of choice for first year nutrition students looking for a readable but comprehensive introduction to the field, dieticians undertaking the nutrition components of their course, and other students undertaking nutrition modules as part of a broader
scientific or professional course such as food science or catering.

Table of contents
Part 1: Concepts and principles
1. Changing priorities for nutrition education
2. Food selection
3. Methods of nutritional surveillance and research
4. Dietary guidelines and recommendations
5. Cellular energetics

Part 2: Energy, energy balance and obesity
6. Introduction to energy aspects of nutrition
7. Energy balance and its regulation
8. Obesity

Part 3: The nutrients
9. Carbohydrates
10. Protein and amino acids
11. Fat
12. The micronutrients
13. The vitamins
14. The minerals

Part 4: Variation in nutritional requirements and priorities
15. Nutrition and the human life-cycle
16. Nutrition as treatment
17. Some other groups and situations

Part 5: The safety and quality of food
18. The safety and quality of food

Geoffrey P. Webb BSc MSc PhD, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Physiology, University of East London, London, UK

Food And Nutrition: Home Economics

ISBN: 9780340983973
Author: Tull, Anita
Publisher: Hodder Arnold
Series: Comp Therapies
Cover: Paperback

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Packed with the information that students need for their course, it presents the key areas of knowledge in an accessible, uncomplicated and concise fashion.

Illustrated with photos and pictures throughout, it includes: differentiated activities to support higher and lower ability students; exam practice questions (with mark schemes) to support the food and nutrition unit; a chapter on coursework preparation (for the short tasks and Food Study task); and up-to-date coverage of topics such as genetically modified food, fair trade issues and food legislation.

Table of Contents:

About this book

Unit B0001 Food and Nutrition short tasks

Planning your short task

Planning and carrying out practical work

Evaluating your practical work and drawing conclusions

Unit B0002 Food Study Tasks


Planning and carrying out practical work

Evaluating your practical work and drawing conclusions

Unit B0003 Principles of food and nutrition

Function and role of nutrients

The relationship between diet and health

Energy and food

Food Commodities

Food commodities

Convenience, organic and functional foods

Meal Planning

A balanced diet

Nutritional needs of groups

Food Choice

Food preparation and cooking

How and why food is cooked

Ingredients in cooking

Effects of cooking

The function of additives in food products

Food safety and preservation

Food spoilage and preservation

Food safety

Consumer Education

The role of food marketing and advertising

Purchasing (buying) foods

Food labelling

Food safety and the law

Home Economics: Food And Nutrition

ISBN: 9781408504161
Author: Hague, Margaret
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
Series: Comp Therapies
Cover: Paperback

Written with emphasis on developing students' knowledge and understanding of human needs in a diverse society and to work in a variety of contexts.