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Business Studies For A-Level

ISBN: 9781444122756
Author: Marcouse
Publisher: Hodder Education
Series: Business Studies
Cover: Paperback

Ian Marcouse, the expert Business Studies author, is back with a new edition of his bestselling Business Studies for A Level textbook. This fourth edition continues to offer unrivalled depth and authority, giving you the best possible preparation for success in Business Studies. This new edition features hundreds of new and updated case studies of business success and failure that demonstrate how business theory plays out in the real world and provides up-to-date coverage of the recent world economic and financial events. * Hundreds of new case studies that can be used for homework or the classroom * Up-to-date with recent world economic and financial events and putting them into the context of Business Studies * Ian Marcouse is the most widely recognised name in Business Studies publishing * A fresh new design that will aid revision and build analysis and evaluation skills * Dynamic Learning Online support, anytime, anywhere * Authoritative and in-depth coverage will give you the knowledge of business studies to achieve the very best grades.

Biographical note
Ian Marcouse is a former Chief Examiner for Business Studies for a major awarding body and is an experienced teacher. He is Founding Editor of Business Review magazine and his previous books include The Complete A-Z Business Studies Handbook.

A-Z Business Studies Handbook, 6th Ed.

ISBN: 9780340987292
Author: Marcouse I., Lines D & Martin
Publisher: Philip Allan
Series: Handbooks
Cover: Paperback

The A-Z Business Studies Handbook explains all the key terms in your course, and has been completely update. Each entry begins with a clear definition and is followed by explanation, worked examples and cross-references where relevant.

The handbook provides expert advice from a leading author that will help familiarise you with the language of business studies -- the more important the term, the more detailed the entry. It is invaluable for students of all pre-university courses, as well as undergraduates.

This new digital edition includes free access to a supporting website to make searching for terms even quicker, and a free desktop widget to bring concise definitions instantly to your fingertips. 

For new students -- terms and concepts clearly explained 
Throughout the course -- full explanations of important and challenging concepts that will help you tackle your course assignments with confidence 
For focused exam revision -- detailed revision lists for each exam board and invaluable advice from a leading examiner, both online and in the book. 

Instant understanding for the very best grades

Clear, concise entries

Now with free online support!

Written by a leading examiner and author