Behaviour Management Toolkit

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Behaviour Management Toolkit, The

ISBN: 9780340814642
Author: Sutherland, Margaret
Publisher: Hodder Arnold
Series: Bullying
Cover: Paperback

The Behaviour Management Toolkit is an important new resource that supports Special Needs classroom assistants and any other teachers that interact with students who have specific emotional and behavioural needs.

This resource provides an uncomplicated and effective approach to dealing with challenging behaviour problems, and is made up of units based on five key areas of concern within schools: Anger Management, Mood Management, Conflict Resolution, Peer Relationships and most importantly, Changing Classroom Behaviour. Each unit includes an introduction to the topic and worksheets with accompanying teacher guidance. Teachers can pick out individual worksheets to use when appropriate, or work through each unit as a complete programme. The units also include a 'Newsflash' letter to notify parents that their child is undertaking the course, and a certificate for the student on completion of the course.

Whilst soundly based on up-to-date psychological theory, the toolkit is primarily solution-focused, and will give teachers both the understanding and the practical means to help pupils solve their behavioural and emotional problems. Written for experienced teachers and support staff, this resource is accessible to a wide range of staff with differing levels of expertise.