Social Justice Re-examined

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Social Justice Re-Examined

ISBN: 9781858565071
Author: Arshad, Rowena
Publisher: Trentham Books
Series: Teacher Resource
Cover: Paperback

Teachers want to do their best for every child. But research shows that as diversities in the classroom proliferate, they are worried about dealing with values issues lest they cause offence or appear insensitive to difference. The answers to the complex situations that arise nowadays as a result of diversity are seldom straightforward. This book offers honest discussions about what are seen as difficult or controversial issues.

Social Justice Re-Examined provides ideas and approaches for the classroom and helps teachers negotiate their way through concepts and value differences, so they can help bring about constructive change. Theoretical as well as practical, the book looks from inside out - from the perspective of the teacher. Many of the chapters are written by teachers and each features key questions and suggested readings. Chapters such as "Not much I can do - he's got ADHD" or "I'm not homophobic but I find this area difficult" encourage teachers to model for their pupils the ways in which to think and learn.

The book is essential reading for student teachers, beginning teachers and teacher trainers but will be invaluable for experienced teachers too, as they navigate their work in a constantly diversifying society.

Table of contents
Foreword-Professor Ian Menter, University of Glasgow

Section 1: Social justice: what has it got to do with me?
1) Shaping practice: how personal values, beliefs and identity can shape social justice practice-Rowena Arshad
2) Making the difference: how individual teachers have made a difference in classroom and school-Laura Mitchell
3) Making change in the whole school-Donnie MacLeod
4) Learning about concepts, terminology and theories: from ambiguity to clarity-Shereen Benjamin and Akwugo Emejulu
5) Resolving dilemmas and improving practice in the early years of teaching

Section 2: Learning from school and classroom situations - key issues
6) 'Gender - that's boys' underachievement, isn't it?'-Lynne Pratt and Yvonne Foley
7) 'I'm not homophobic but I find this area difficult'-Shereen Benjamin
8) Help! I have never worked with EAL pupils before-Andy Hancock
9) Religion and Belief: Sectarianism and Islamophobia
10) Poverty and social class: the teacher's response-Terry Wrigley
11) Gypsy/Travellers: deserving or undeserving: who decides?-Tess Watson and Gillean McCluskey
12) 'Not much I can do - he's got ADHD'-Gwynedd Lloyd
13) Racial equality and education-Rowena Arshad

Biographical note
Terry Wrigley Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Rowena Arshad is Head of the Institute for Education, Community and Society at Moray House, University of Edinburgh.

Lynne Pratt is Programme Director, PGDE Secondary, and Lecturer in Language Studies, University of Edinburgh.