Transforming Practice

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Transforming Practice

ISBN: 9781858565163
Author: Soler, Janet
Publisher: Trentham Books
Series: Teacher Resource
Cover: Paperback

This Open University Reader critically examines educational issues of equity, diversity and social justice and how they are socially, culturally, economically rooted in educational practice across diverse educational settings. It highlights research, practice and pedagogies that challenge and transform educational experiences to support equity, social justice and inclusivity.

The 25 chapters offer a broad range of methodologies and international perspectives on the effects of diversity on pedagogy, policy, management and curriculum. The critical perspectives and the examples explored offer a wealth of insights for those interested in the pursuit through education of equality, social justice and social inclusion for disadvantaged groups.

Transforming Practiceis essential reading for students seeking to address equity and diversity issues in all educational sectors, and for professionals with responsibility for enhancing educational achievement. Professionals working in related areas of policy and practice, including health, social welfare, training and employment will find it invaluable.

Published in association with The Open University.

Table of contents
Editors' introduction: Transforming practice to address equity, diversity issues and enhance learning-Janet Soler and Christopher Walsh

Part One: Investigating educational issues in practice
The framing of performance pedagogies: pupil perspectives on the control of school knowledge and its acquisition-M. Arnot and D. Reay
An introduction to teacher research-C. Lankshear and M. Knobel
'Introduction: positivistic standards and the bizarre educational world of the Twenty-First Century-J.L. Kincheloe
Critical pedagogy: a look at the major concepts-P. McLaren
Multiple lives, different educational experiences: The potential of narrative inquiry to inform pedagogical change-J. Soler

Part Two: Contemporary examples of innovative, transformative practice
The elementary bubble project: Exploring critical media literacy in a fourth-grade classroom-J.N. Gainer, Valdez-Gainer and T. Kinard
How do you spell homosexual?": naturally queer moments in K-12 classrooms-J. Jackson
Why Teach against Islamophobia? Striking the Empire back-J.L. Kincheloe and S. L. Steinberg
An inclusive classroom? A case study of inclusiveness, teacher strategies, and children's experiences-C. Nilholm and B. Alm
The Ambiguity of the Child's 'Voice' in Social Research-S. Komulainen
Critical pedagogy in action: counter-stories disrupting normative and dominant discourses-C. Walsh

Part Three: Taking a stance on issues and practice to transform learning
Len Barton, inclusion and critical disability studies: theorising disabled childhoods-D. Goodley and K. Runswick-Cole
What to do about culture?-K.D. Gutierrez and M. Correa-Chavez
Toward a critical race theory of education-G. Ladson-Billings and W. F. Tate IV
Theory, values and policy research in education-J. Ozga
Participative transformation: creative learning conversations-A. Craft

Part Four: Issues for 21st century practice
Death to critique and dissent? The policies and practices of new managerialism and of "evidence-based practice"-B. Davies
Early childhood education as an evolving "community of practice" or as lived "social reproduction": researching the "taken-for-granted"-M. Fleer
Even In Sweden? Excluding the Included: some reflections on the consequences of new policies on educational processes and outcomes, and equity in education-G.
Feminist Class Struggle-b. hooks
Valuing difference or securing compliance? Working to involve young people in community settings-L. Milbourne
From equality to growth? Ideas that keep us quiet-J. Rix
Biographical note
. She is part of the core DPC research team, based at the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter and at Trinity Laban Dance and Music Conservatoire.